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Terms and conditions


These TERMS OF USE of the site apply to any person -USER*- who uses the WEBSITE for online courses of Global Standards S.C., hereinafter referred to as GLOBALSTD S.C-.

By entering or using the SITE, the USER acknowledges its contents and fully understands and accepts the rights and obligations arising from the use of its services, materials, functionalities, and other available contents, which are described in this document.

We reserve the right to modify the design, functionality, and location of the SITE, and the services at any time without prior notice, of which all users will be duly informed using an appropriate notice on the SITE. We shall not be liable for any damages caused to users or third parties related to the modifications described above.

If at any time the USER does not agree in whole or in part with these TERMS OF USE, he/she must immediately refrain from using the SITE in any of its parts or sections.


* Any reference to USERS made in these TERMS OF USE includes both registered and unregistered users of the SITE.


Any natural person who completes the electronic registration form during the initial login to the system may register and is considered a registered USER of the SITE.

To register the USER must acknowledge and unconditionally accept all the registration rules set forth herein, perform the procedure, provide accurate, complete, true, and complete data and choose a username and password.

You may not use as a username the name of another person or entity or that is not legally available for use, a name or trademark that is subject to the rights of another person or entity, or a name that is offensive, vulgar, or obscene. Such usernames will be removed without notice.

The registration of the USER is only possible with the unconditional acceptance of these TERMS OF USE, with the consent to the collection and use of personal data by the legal provisions in force, in addition to the provisions of the Privacy Policy which is part of these TERMS OF USE. Upon completion of the registration process, each USER receives his/her user account.

By registering, the USER accepts to receive notices related to the administration or use of the SITE and its CONTENT by GLOBALSTD S.C., from the individuals or legal entities designated, hired, or authorized by GLOBALSTD S.C.

The USER shall be obliged to sign up or register on the SITE, only when requested to do so to have access to the services and CONTENTS. The USER is responsible for safeguarding the authentication information, including the password used to access the SITE.

The password of the access account endorsed by GLOBALSTD S.C. is for the exclusive use and control of the USER and GLOBALSTD S.C.

The USER undertakes to act with diligence and to establish the necessary and reasonable means to avoid the unauthorized use of his/her password; he/she also accepts and acknowledges that he/she will be responsible for the consequences arising from the misuse of the same and the breach of the obligations.

The USER is obliged to verify that when leaving the WEBSITE, he/she has closed his/her session, validating his/her “user” and “password”. It is the responsibility of the USER to notify the person responsible for the WEBSITE in case of suspicion of probable misuse of his/her password to access the WEBSITE.

The termination of the registration does not eliminate the responsibility of the USER for possible violations and damages inflicted during the period of validity of its registration.

The access and use of the SITE are subject to the modality of registration and the corresponding payment by the USER to GLOBALSTD S.C., and the fulfillment of the requirements established by the latter. However, GLOBALSTD S.C. may grant partial or total access to certain information, functionalities, services, and other CONTENT available through the SITE to non-registered users.

The USER shall be entitled to the payment(s) of the chosen registration to receive certain service(s) offered by GLOBALSTD S.C. through the WEBSITE. Each service has an independent cost and in no way shall it be understood that the payment of a service grants the benefit of using any other service.

GLOBALSTD S.C. reserves the right to suspend, deny or withdraw the USER the registration and access to the SITE and any of the CONTENTS at any time and without prior notice to the USER for any reason, including but not limited to those USERS who misuse the SITE or any of its parts or sections or the CONTENTS, carry out PROHIBITED PRACTICES or who totally or partially breach these TERMS OF USE or the applicable SPECIFIC CONDITIONS.


GLOBALSTD S.C. is the owner of the copyrights of the textual and graphic CONTENT of this SITE, which is protected by the Federal Copyright Law in Mexico and other laws on the subject, whether international and/or of the United Mexican States, and/or has the necessary permissions for the use of third-party information contained in this SITE.

The SITE contains names of individuals and legal entities, names of products or services, trademarks, logos, images, graphics, and other content subject to the protection of intellectual property rights -PROTECTED CONTENT- held by GlobalSTD or third parties.

Therefore, it is forbidden to copy, transmit, retransmit, transcribe, store, alter, modify, edit, translate, reproduce, distribute, lease, provide use, publish, communicate to unauthorized third parties, and create derivative works of the SITE CONTENT by any electronic or mechanical means; without the written permission of GLOBALSTD S.C. It is also forbidden to include information from this SITE in other servers or documents without the written permission of GLOBALSTD S.C. and only through the procedures established by GLOBALSTD S.C. within this SITE.

The access or use of the SITE or the CONTENT does not grant the USER any license, right of use, right of exploitation, transfer of rights, or any other right related to the PROTECTED CONTENT, nor does it grant any authorization concerning the use of the intellectual property, except to the extent and in the manner explicitly specified in the provisions of these TERMS OF USE or a separate contract. All rights not expressly granted, are reserved to GLOBALSTD S.C.

With the chosen registration fee, GLOBALSTD S.C. only grants the USER a non-exclusive, permanent, and limited right to use only the textual documents, formats, and templates provided, exclusively for its implementation in its business, to copy them totally or partially, directly, or indirectly, to translate them, to adapt or edit them.

The USER undertakes to respect all Intellectual Property rights on the CONTENTS and elements used on the SITE.

Any right that has not been expressly conferred in this document is understood to be reserved to GLOBALSTD S.C.


The SITE contains PROTECTED CONTENT owned by GlobalSTD and third parties such as information, documents, templates, formats, lessons, exercises, assessments, quizzes, functionalities, images, graphics, audio, and video resources.

The USER may make personal use of the PROTECTED CONTENT and the elements found on the SITE temporarily, within the term of the course or service to which he/she is enrolled, using only the means or procedures established and indicated therein.


The SITE contains sections duly marked for its use, intended for interaction with or among the USERS registered in the SITE services, in a manner that allows transmitting, uploading, publishing, and exchanging information, comments, reviews, recommendations, opinions, and attitudes.

The posting of INTERACTIVE CONTENT on the SITE does not mean that we are responsible for, endorse, approve, recommend, or promote in any way the information, statements or facts, attitudes, opinions, or conclusions contained or exchanged therein.

We reserve the right but assume no obligation, to monitor, change, remove or refuse to post any INTERACTIVE CONTENT posted without notice and explanation. However, we will not control or constantly monitor all INTERACTIVE CONTENT and therefore cannot guarantee the accuracy, truthfulness, origin, content, or availability thereof.

We are obligated to immediately remove any illegal INTERACTIVE CONTENT, once identified, due to a violation of these TERMS OF USE.

For any comments or information regarding the Terms of Use, the USER shall contact GlobalSTD Training-Online support (training-online@globalstd.com).



The SITE, its services, materials, and functionalities have links duly marked for use, both to other websites owned by GlobalSTD and to third-party websites – LINKS -.

The publication of LINKS on the SITE is intended to provide complementary information to the CONTENT and services of the SITE. This does not mean that we endorse, approve, recommend, or promote in any way the information, statements or facts, attitudes, opinions, or conclusions contained therein; nor does it mean that we guarantee the accuracy, truthfulness, origin, content, or availability thereof. However, we are obligated to remove without notice and explanation any LINKS containing or referring to prohibited content immediately upon the receipt of the notice.

For any comments or information concerning the LINKS, the USER shall contact GlobalSTD Training-Online support.


The USER is not allowed to:

  • Use the SITE or the available PROTECTED CONTENT in a way that may cause damage to GLOBALSTD S.C., other users, or third parties.
  • Falsify your identity to deceive GLOBALSTD S.C., other users, or third parties.
  • Obtain or attempt to obtain information, messages, graphics, drawings, sound or image files, photographs, recordings, software, and in general, any kind of material accessible through the SITE or the CONTENTS.
  • Copy, disseminate, store, modify, reproduce, distribute, create derivative works, or use in any form for profit or non-profit purposes the PROTECTED CONTENTS and the elements used in the SITE unless express written authorization from GLOBALSTD S.C. is obtained.
  • Modify or manipulate the trademarks, logos, commercial notices, commercial names, and distinctive signs in general of GLOBALSTD S.C., of the WEBSITE or of the persons directly or indirectly related to GLOBALSTD S.C., unless you have express written authorization.
  • Delete, avoid, or modify the PROTECTED CONTENT and the elements used in the SITE, as well as the technical protection devices, or any mechanism or procedure established in the SITE.
  • Publish, transmit or exchange any false, misleading, offensive, vulgar, threatening, racist, or chauvinistic information and comments; information considered as unauthorized disclosure of personal data or as a violation of the privacy rights of users or third parties, as well as any prohibited content or other information that may cause damage to GLOBALSTD S.C. or other users or third parties.



To access the SITE and any of its services and CONTENTS, it is necessary that the USER previously provides GLOBALSTD S.C. with some personal data – PERSONAL DATA – that GLOBALSTD S.C. may manage automatically or not. The USER will be authorizing GLOBALSTD S.C. to perform analysis and studies based on them.

The USER is obliged to provide true and reliable PERSONAL DATA, and in case he/she does not wish to provide them in the requested parts of the SITE, he/she must refrain from using that or those parts or sections of the SITE. In case the USER provides false or confusing information, GLOBALSTD S.C. may deny him/her access to the SITE and the CONTENTS within it, without prejudice to the possibility of requesting any compensation that may be applicable.

If the USER or GLOBALSTD S.C. has access to confidential information of the other party during the use of the SITE, the party that obtains such information must ensure and maintain total confidentiality. GLOBALSTD S.C. will not share with third parties any personal information that has been provided.

By the fact of providing his/her DATA in the SITE, the USER is authorizing GLOBALSTD S.C. to disclose to any competent authority the respective information in case it is requested by the appropriate legal means.


The USER is responsible for any damage or harm of any nature caused by non-compliance with these TERMS OF USE or any applicable regulation and therefore releases GLOBALSTD S.C. from any civil, criminal, administrative, or any other type of liability.

In case GLOBALSTD S.C. is sanctioned or condemned by a competent authority in any procedure related to civil, criminal, administrative, or any other kind of liability, it will notify the responsible USER, who will have to pay GLOBALSTD S.C. the amount it has been condemned to cover, as well as the costs, fees and other expenses incurred, within 15 calendar days after the notification. In case of delay of payment in the term indicated, THE USER is obliged to pay GLOBALSTD S.C. as a conventional penalty, an amount equivalent to the principal amount.


In no event shall GLOBALSTD S.C., its directors, collaborators, partners, suppliers, or affiliates be liable for indirect, incidental, special, consequential, or punitive damages resulting from:

  1. His/her access, use, or inability to access or use the SITE.
  2. Any conduct or content of a third party within the SITE.
  3. Unauthorized access, use, or alteration of the transmissions or CONTENTS by tort, negligence, or any other identified legal determination; whether we have been informed of the possibility of such damage, and even if it is found that a remedy set forth herein has failed in its original purpose.

The USER acknowledges and accepts that the access to the SITE and use of the CONTENTS, are under its exclusive and strict responsibility, so GLOBALSTD S.C. will not be at any time and under any circumstances, responsible for any damage or problem that may occur in the computer equipment (hardware) or computer programs (software) used by the USER to access or browse any part of the SITE.

We limit our liability, to the maximum extent permitted by law, for damages arising from any cause whatsoever to the maximum amount of money paid for a course, service, or other content.


Our service offerings on the SITE are constantly being updated.

It may be the case that they may be incorrectly priced, incorrectly described, or unavailable. And we may experience delays in updating information and in our advertising on the SITE. We reserve the right to change or update information and to correct errors, inaccuracies, or omissions at any time without notice.


Payments made by the USER to GLOBALSTD S.C. through the SITE or by any other means, for registration, payment for additional services, or any other payment, will not be refundable.

However, some circumstances would allow us to offer a refund to the USER for the amount paid, and they are as follows:

  • You were unable to access the product or service due to a technical failure on the Website.
  • You are unable to complete the service or purchase the product due to a technical failure on the Website.
  • You never accessed the product or service. In this case, if you request a refund, we will apply a refund fee in the amount of 10% of the amount paid.

For subscription-based services, fees paid are non-refundable, except when required by law. However, you may request a refund and immediate termination of the subscription in case of fraudulent or unauthorized use of the USER’s credit card. Should this be the case, the USER shall immediately notify GLOBALSTD S.C. through GlobalSTD Training-Online support (training-online@globalstd.com).

To reactivate the access to the services or CONTENTS acquired, after the expiration date of its validity, GLOBALSTD S.C. will evaluate the circumstances for which the USER requests the reactivation to determine whether to carry it out or not.

In case of reactivation, the USER must previously pay an amount equivalent to 10% of the cost of the service or CONTENTS purchased that he/she wishes to reactivate for its conclusion.

The availability on the SITE of the reactivated services or CONTENTS will have a term of ten calendar days to be finalized.


In all matters related to the interpretation and compliance with the provisions herein, by the mere fact of accessing the SITE, USERS agree to submit to the applicable laws and the jurisdiction of the competent courts in Mexico, waiving any other jurisdiction that because of their present or future domiciles, or for any other reason may correspond to them.

I agree to these Terms and Conditions